ES Mix

Egyptian Star provides services to its clients in the architectural and ready mix sector through ES MIX company.

Excellence is no longer easy. The fast development wheel is now imposing itself in the business world. Egyptian Star has established a new concept to support the development of modern construction techniques in the era of the urban expansion witnessed by the Arab Republic of Egypt. To the strictest international standards.

Our Value

Commitment to international quality standards

Egyptian Star produces and supplies ready-mixed concrete with the latest equipment and equipment through its strong structure enabling it to execute the largest projects effectively and huge production capacity. The team is the infrastructure on which the company is based in reaching the excellence in customer service. Qualified and highly qualified staff to apply international standards and standards in the production and supply of ready-mixed concrete.


Our quality control plan

Based on the company's belief that quality is the core of excellence and continuity has worked to establish a comprehensive quality management that works to employ scientific foundations and the application of international quality standards - not only in the production of ready-mixed concrete, but in all stages of production - and customer service based on a set of ingredients of High performance and qualification of the team based on modern equipment and integrated laboratories quality are the main pillar through which the company originated.


The 6th of October City is characterized by a warm atmosphere, which makes the equation of producing ready-mixed concrete capable of reaching the sites of casting at a temperature that meets international standards is very difficult, but the infrastructure owned by the company made this equation very possible through many features such as water tanks, refrigeration units equipped with all the necessary equipment to maintain the required temperatures, the company worked in the project Sun Capital City located in 6th of October City with 3 specialized plants for ready-mixed concrete, which led to that the Company overcome this challenge in accordance with international standards.


The advanced equipment and equipment owned by the Company is a strong pillar that increases the ability to meet the requirements of the work in the best way. Central and mobile maintenance units maintain the workflow mechanism as required without interruption.


The company established a distinct factory - totally different from other factories - has emerged this excellence through the factory's strongest integrated infrastructure prepared to accommodate the planned expansion in the future phases, where the infrastructure included a group of specialized facilities and technical workshops established according to the highest international standards, The plant qualifies for stable long-term operation and the ability to execute larger projects.