Agro Star

Egyptian Star is a result of extensive research and development the founders following the approach of their ancestors who had a long history in the agricultural field in Egypt.
This activity started from about 70 years working on the development of agriculture in Egypt and the Arab world, famous for the trade of Egyptian vegetables seeds, fertilizers and pesticides in Egypt, the Arab world and some foreign countries.
We were the most important traders who work in the export and import of all the needs of the Egyptian and Arab agricultural market with the best quality and the highest rates of safety and more production in addition to the supervision of farms with the best professors, experts and agricultural engineers, following up with farmers through their regional technical offices. We have supervised many of the major agricultural and environmental projects in cooperation with the most important international bodies in the field concerned by environmental safety.


  1. The company is an authorized agent and distributor of major agricultural companies in order to get the best product to satisfy its customers.
  2. The company is an agent of the Cooperative Association of Petroleum in order to provide mineral oils such as Royal and Super-Royal for spraying citrus and fruit
  3. The company is always looking for development and keeping pace with agricultural progress. We keep attendance at agricultural conferences and exhibitions such as Sahara and Agri Business.
  4. The company is working on producing Egyptian vegetable seeds with the best quality and high-volume production.
  5. The company has professors, experts and agricultural engineers that are capable of giving the right advice to farmers and farm-owners.
  6. The tests carried out continuously by the company on all its products by the competent authorities and bodies in order to ensure their quality and efficiency.
  7. Providing skilled technicians, experts and engineers to work in different farms and agricultural projects in Egypt and the Arab world.

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Agricultural supervision

Because farmers are the main pillar for which the company works, the technical offices of the company in Egypt with its experts and engineers are able to give the best specialized agricultural programs and the best engineering consultancy in order to get the highest quality production at the lowest costs, and get a product that is ready for export.
Some of these programs are provided free of charge to farmers and farm owners.

Our updates From Sahara Expo 2019

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Our Vision

Gaining the confidence of the company's customers and farmers in obtaining a product of high quality with the best production at the lowest cost is necessary and important for the company.

Our Goals

  • Achieving the required development in Egyptian agriculture and maintaining the quality of agricultural lands
  • Production of organic crops that are ready for export to Arab and foreign countries
  • Educate farmers with the right agricultural information in order to obtain the best quantities of production with the best quality at the lowest cost
  • oviding fertilizers, pesticides, irrigation tools and all the necessary agricultural process from the best sources at the lowest costs
  • Rapid support from the company to customers and farmers through our various branches in different provinces
  • Access to scientific solutions to agricultural problems in the shortest possible time to ensure the quality and safety of crops
  • To achieve the highest profitability of the client through dealing with the integrated system of the company